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Festival of Suffolk Tour heads to Lowestoft

11 March 2022

Nominations are needed for a local hero with stories to tell who will ride in the e-rickshaw and carry the torch from Lowestoft.
The torch will be leaving Lowestoft on the morning of Saturday 28th May.
If you would like to nominate a local hero (Young person under the age 18 at time of Event) please send the completed application form attached to admin@lowestofttowncouncil.gov.uk explaining in less than 75 words why you are nominating this person.(random draw to take place to select winner)
Please note deadline for this competition is at 9am on 27th March 2022.

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Ukrainian Flag flying over at the Town Hall

10 March 2022

Ukrainian Flag flying over at the Town Hall as a symbol of support of the people of Ukraine in this difficult time.

Lowestoft Town Council would like to thank the Contractor that placed the Flag free of charge at the Town Hall.

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International Women's Day 2022

8 March 2022

IWD logo 

International Women's Day (IWD) on 8th March is a day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world. Whilst the Town Council acknowledges and applauds contributions from all sectors of society, today we are taking time to focus on the achievements of women from our town or women who have played a part in making a difference for the people of Lowestoft. Lowestoft Town Council has commissioned a video to celebrate IWD  2022

The theme for this year’s day of recognition is #BreakTheBias. IWD has offered the following campaigning words that the Town Council are pleased to share with you:

Imagine a gender equal world.

A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.

A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

A world where difference is valued and celebrated.

Together we can forge women's equality.

Collectively we can all #BreakTheBias.

Women from Lowestoft’s History:

Dorothy Dallimer British Empire Medal:

Dorothy was born in Lowestoft on 1st December 1889. She was honoured with a rare British Empire Medal, for her efforts and dedicated service in the town during the Second World War air raids of 1941.

Her vital civilian work as a telephone supervisor at Lowestoft Post Office, Indeed, she was awarded the British Empire Medal in October 1941, for her bravery in maintaining an efficient telephone service during periods of constant danger – this while raids were targeting the port and the naval establishments.


Dorothy Oretta Boggis MBE:


Born in Lowestoft Dorothy Boggis a wartime evacuee aged 12 in June 1940 was for more than 25 years the driving force and chairperson of the Lowestoft Neighbourhood watch Association from 1986-2013 and awarded the MBE for her dedication to fighting crime.  


Vera Brittain:


Vera’s link to Lowestoft is evident in her autobiography - the bestselling book `Testament of Youth` published in 1933.  Vera gives a vivid and passionate record of the years 1900-25 in which she conveyed an entire generation’s common experience of the First World War (1914-18).  Vera writes of her visit to Lowestoft in 1915 to meet her boyfriend Roland, who was an Army Officer. A pacifist, prolific speaker, lecturer, journalist and writer, Vera devoted most of her energies to the causes of peace and feminism.  She also wrote `Testament of Experience` published in 1957 which covered the period 1925-1950.

Gwen Baker MBE:


Gwendolyn Ethel Baker was appointed a Member of the Civil Division of the Order of the British Empire for her services to Lowestoft Hospital League of Friends. She served as senior office-holder of the Committee of the Friends of Lowestoft from 1948. She was instrumental in the formation of NSHEBA (North Suffolk Hospital and Equipment Building Appeal) in 1966 and remained chairperson of the organisation until 2000, when she took on the role of President. In recognition of over 50 years voluntary service, a ward in Lowestoft hospital was named after her. She also served as a Magistrate for 29 years and spent years as a volunteer organiser of the Lowestoft Carnival. The award of the MBE was in recognition of her tireless commitment, valuable contribution and proud record of unpaid civic service, doing so much for the community of Lowestoft.

 Geertruida (Truus) Wijsmuller- Meijer:


Image from Pamela Sturhoofd

Geertruida was Dutch and in the late 1930s, she was active in the German and Austrian refugee movement in the 1930s. In December 1938 Geertruida courageously flew to Nazi-occupied Austria, was arrested, and used her arrest to secure a meeting with Adolf Eichmann with with whom she then personally negotiated for the release of 600 mainly Jewish children who left Vienna on the second Kindertransport five days later. Geertruida and her Dutch colleagues also organised entry permits from the British Government, reception and care in the Netherlands, and onward journey to Britain, for these and thousands of other Kindertransport children. The 529 Kindertransport children who arrived in Lowestoft on 12 December 1938 and who spent their first few weeks of safety here, as traumatised refugees. They owe their lives, and the lives of their children and grandchildren, to this remarkable and formidable woman.


Modern Day courageous women:


Paige Shorten:


Image sourced from ITFC.co.uk

Paige began her football-playing career with Kirkley and Pakefield F.C as a 9 year old. Now an UEFA A and FA Youth Award Coach who specialises in coaching outfield female football players by understanding, supporting and developing the person to get the best out of the player. Currently Paige is Ipswich Town F.C women’s first team coach

Elizabeth Talbot:


Image sourced from Elizabeth Talbot

Lowestoft resident, Elizabeth was the youngest female auctioneer/antique expert who later became President of the Lowestoft Archaeology Society 2019. She regular contributes to antiques shows on daytime TV.





Sue Barnard:


Represented the Gunton Ward when Lowestoft Town Council was formed in 2017. Sue served on many of the Town Council’s committees and had a particular interest in open spaces and the local historical environment. Her love and knowledge of gardening and plants was beneficial to the Council including the many voluntary hours she spent planting bulbs in Sparrows Nest and Arnold’s Bequest.

Outside of the Town Council, Sue was an active member of Gunton Residents’ Association, the Lowestoft branch of Suffolk Family History Society and helped to establish the Friends of Dip Farm Group. 

Groups of Women that serve the Town:


Waveney Football Club:


Image sourced from Mike Pearce

One of the largest Female football providers in the country we currently have 15 teams starting at u8 right through to a Ladies team.

In addition to our teams Waveney Football Club also run a highly successful wildcats Centre, usually starting at Easter, and running for 16 weeks the aim of the wildcats Centre is to give girls 5 to 11 years old an introduction to Football through fun based football activities. At the end of the 16-week program, we look to find a team for all of the girls to play within the club.





In 1982 (the 40th Anniversary) Lowestoft Ladies won the most prestigious cup competition in English football the Women's FA Cup.  "When you see the FA Cup now and you see them withthe trophy, you think 'our names on that Little old Lowestoft' said Rita Fossey, Lowestoft's FA Cup winning goalkeeper. 


Breaking the Bias: Ordinary Lowestoft Mums who have done extraordinary things.

The theme of International Women’s Day for 2022 is “Breaking the Bias”. Quite rightly, therefore, we need to be very careful not to reinforce existing stereotypes and bias (“a woman’s place is in the home”, idealising the institution of motherhood, and so on). We also need to be careful to ensure that we do not fall into the trap of assuming that women who become mothers (and, indeed, women who do not become mothers) always do so through personal choice. However, equally, we also need to ensure that in the process of “Breaking the Bias”, we do not inadvertently create new stereotypes and bias by fostering the perception those mothers cannot be capable of remarkable achievements deserving of recognition. In the past year, some of our Town Councillors have met local women who have struggled tirelessly and for the most part anonymously on behalf of their children: shielding and protecting them from abuse, trying to access specialist healthcare or educational support, and so on. To some of these children, for months and sometimes years Mum has been the only person who had their backs and fought their corner, often at cost to herself. In celebrating individuals, we should at the same time take care not to forget the unsung heroes: truly at times, the ordinary can be extraordinary.


Lowestoft Town Council would like to thank everyone that has contributed to IWD 2022-They include Lowestoft Civic Society, Another Angle Studio, Lowestoft Town Football Club,Elizabeth Talbot, Ipswich Town Football Club and Pamela Sturhoofd.

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Lowestoft Town Council secures support for the Town Hall.

2 March 2022

Town Hall image

Lowestoft Town Council secures support from The National Lottery Heritage Fund and Architectural Heritage Fund for the Town Hall.

Lowestoft Town Council is delighted to announce that it has received initial support from The National Lottery Heritage Fund and Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF) for the Town Hall.

Extensive consultation has demonstrated that the Town Hall is still very important to local people who overwhelmingly support its being brought back into community use and as an operational Town Hall. This funding will assist the Town Council to progress its plans to renovate the Town Hall with provision for a compelling and innovative heritage hub, gallery space with a changing programme of exhibitions and events, wedding and reception venue with catering facilities, co-working space for sole traders and small businesses, a café, and additional community event space. 

Development funding of £166,870, made possible by National Lottery players, will fund preparatory work to help secure a full grant at a later date. The project is also being supported by a second grant from AHF of £65,000. 

As part of this development work, the Town Council will hold ‘Town Hall Take Over’ activities in collaboration with young people who will co-design and create their own project on a heritage theme of their choice. 

These grants come on the back of the £2million from the Towns Fund earmarked for the Town Hall which is a prominent landmark located within the North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone.  Additional investment has also been secured from Historic England to undertake a Conservation Management Plan to help the Town Council care for, conserve, and manage the Town Hall. Historic England funds the North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone and also commissioned the report looking at options for the Lowestoft’s historic Town Hall.

The Mayor of Lowestoft said “This is the news we have all been waiting and hoping for.  The National Lottery Heritage Fund and Architectural Heritage Fund have worked with and supported Lowestoft Town Council and partners to bring forward community and heritage centred plans.”

Gavin Richards, Programme Manager, Architectural Heritage Fund, said Bringing the Town Hall back into use for the community is vital if Lowestoft town centre is to bounce back and thrive into the future. The AHF has been supporting the Town Council for the last few years to help achieve that aim and this new investment is another major step forward.”

Cllr Craig Rivett, East Suffolk’s cabinet member for Economic Development, said, this funding moves the Town Hall, a step closer to being fully restored, coming back into use and supporting the wider regeneration of the town.  The Town Hall is a significant building in the North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone and I am thrilled that the HAZ partnership has played a vital role in securing this investment and thanks to NLHF, Lottery Players and AHF for their support.

Edward James, Historic Places Adviser at Historic England, said “This is really great news, and is an exciting step forwards towards the full revitalisation of this important piece of Lowestoft’s heritage for Lowestoft’s community.”


North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone

Launched in 2019 by Historic England in partnership with East Suffolk Council, the North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone is reviving historic North Lowestoft through the renewal of historic buildings and routes, celebrating the legacy of the town’s fishing past.


The Heritage Action Zone Partnership comprises Historic England, East Suffolk Council, Lowestoft Town Council, East Suffolk Building Preservation Trust and Lowestoft Vision (the Business Improvement District).

The North Lowestoft Heritage Action Zone includes some of the oldest parts of the town. This was originally the main medieval settlement, grown around the fishing industry, with merchants’ housing and commercial premises lining the High Street on the cliff top, whilst the buildings associated with fishing, such as net stores and workers cottages, were on the lower ground area by the sea. They were connected by the Scores, narrow pathways which linked the High Street to the shore. The area is home to many fine historic buildings, the oldest dating back to the 15th century, as well as the late 19th century registered park and garden, Belle Vue Park.

 About Historic England 

We are Historic England the public body that helps people care for, enjoy and celebrate England’s spectacular historic environment, from beaches and battlefields to parks and pie shops. We protect, champion and save the places that define who we are and where we’ve come from as a nation. We care passionately about the stories they tell, the ideas they represent and the people who live, work and play among them. Working with communities and specialists we share our passion, knowledge and skills to inspire interest, care and conservation, so everyone can keep enjoying and looking after the history that surrounds us all.

About Heritage Action Zones: 

Heritage Action Zones will unleash the power in England’s historic environment to create economic growth and improve quality of life in villages, towns and cities.

Working with local people and partners, Historic England will help to breathe new life into old places that are rich in heritage and full of promise - unlocking their potential and making them more attractive to residents, businesses, tourists and investors. We will do this with joint-working, grant funding and sharing our skills.

About The National Lottery Heritage Fund:

Using money raised by the National Lottery, we inspire, lead and resource the UK’s heritage to create positive and lasting change for people and communities, now and in the future. 

Each week, National Lottery players raise £36 million for good causes across the UK.


Follow @HeritageFundUK on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and use #NationalLotteryHeritageFund 

About The Architectural Heritage Fund:

Architectural Heritage Fund is a registered charity, working since 1976 to promote the conservation and sustainable re-use of historic buildings for the benefit of communities across the UK, particularly in economically disadvantaged areas. We are the only specialist heritage social investor in the UK. We provide advice, development grants and loans.www.ahfund.org.uk

Contact details for the Council: admin@lowestofttowncouncil.gov.uk  Tel: 0330 053 6019


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Queen''s Green Canopy

2 March 2022

Join Councillor Alan Green, Mayor of Lowestoft and Lowestoft Town Councillors as we plant Oak Trees as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy

2.00 pm Friday 10th March 2022

Rosedale Park, off Elm Tree Road/Long Road, Lowestoft NR33 9ET

The Queen’s Green Canopy is a unique tree planting initiative created to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 which invites people from across the United Kingdom to “Plant a Tree for the Jubilee”. With a focus on planting sustainably, the Queen’s Green Canopy will encourage planting of trees to create a legacy in honour of The Queen’s leadership of the Nation, which will benefit future generations.

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