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Holocaust Memorial Day 2022

19 January 2022

Lowestoft Town Council would like to announce that it will be holding an event to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day 2022. The service will be held at Lowestoft Railway Station on Thursday 27th January at 10am. All welcome to attend.
Holocaust Memorial Day takes place annually on 27th January , the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, to remember the six million Jewish people that were murdered during the Holocaust alongside the millions of other people killed under the Nazi regime and the subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda , Bosnia and Darfur.
The Kinder Transport commenced in November 1938, when the British Government agreed to allow temporary admission for up to 10,000 unaccompanied children from Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia who were at risk from the Nazis. Some 520 child refugees arrived at Lowestoft Central Station the following month. In all it is believed that 9,500 children came to the UK, hosted by foster families, hostels and camps, before the Kinder Transport ended with the outbreak of War. The majority of children saved never did see their families again.
Whilst there are currently no legal restrictions, could all those attending please pay a part in making the event as safe as possible for all attending. The event is taking place outside. Please wear a mask, do not attend if you are feeling unwell and during the service keep as much space as you can around you. We reserve the right to cancel or change the event.
Lowestoft Town Council would like to take this opportunity to thank Wherry Lines Community Rail partnership and Lowestoft Central Project in supporting this event.

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Update regarding Anglian Water works in the Links Road area

7 January 2022

Anglian Water has provided the following update regarding the pipe relocation works in the Links Road area:
Clearance work along the new pipeline route has been completed and some trees will need to be removed. Anglian Water will be removing a 30 metre corridor of trees along the pipeline route, which is currently dominated by sycamore and holm oak, which offer little ecological value to the area.
Expert ecologists will be on site throughout this work to ensure there are no other species found in the working area. This should take around three weeks, following this the main work will start which is expected to take 10-12 months.
From 4 January and for the duration of this project (between 10 and 12 months) the Links Road Car Park will be closed to the public to ensure work can be carried out while protecting the public and the workforce. Safety is Anglian Water's top priority. There are three complex sewer connections to complete in the car park, which will require a large working area, and space is also needed to store materials and new pipes. The temporary site compound will also be erected here, to ensure the team has the facilities needed to complete the work.
Later in the project there will be a need to temporarily close Links Road whilst the connection in the highway is completed and the footpath adjacent to Links Road along the coastline. The dates of this closure will be published as soon as they are known and will give advance warning to the public and stakeholders.
The dedicated project webpage will show updates and latest information https://www.anglianwater.co.uk/lowestoft-pipeline-relocation

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Anglian Water Work to Relocate Sewer Pipes

6 January 2022

Anglian Water is using the Links Road car park as its compound for an important piece of work due to start at the Gunton Warren Nature Reserve.
Three sewer pipelines running through the Nature Reserve are being put at risk by a rapidly eroding coastline, meaning that the pipes need to be relocated urgently to ensure residents can continue to use their washing and toilet facilities for years to come and protect the natural environment.
Construction work should cover a period of 44 weeks from 4 January, during which time the use of Links Road will be restricted and the Links Road car park will be out of use.

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