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When to Mow your Lawn for Nature

Knowing when to mow and not mow your lawn throughout the year can help pollinators and other wildlife in your garden. By turning all or part of your lawn into a meadow makes a significant difference to wildlife.

To help, we've put together a handy resource, using information from RSPB, of when to mow your lawn to create different wild meadows and the benefits you'll see for each one.

Create a...

...Temporary Meadow

  • Let your grass grow naturally for 1 month in May or June
  • Mow as you normally would outside of that time
  • Perfect for Daisies and Clover and for Pollinators

...Spring Meadow

  • Don't mow your grass until early July
  • Then mow as normal until late Autumn when the grass stops growing
  • Great for planting spring-flowering bulbs like crocus and early daffodils

...Summer Meadow

  • Mow your lawn once in late March or early April
  • Leave your lawn until August or September before mowing once or twice until the end of Autumn
  • Perfect for providing shelter for garden critters


Mowing Times


 #NoMowMay is a national campaign which encourages everyone to stop mowing their lawns during May to help with pollinators and creating natural habitats for bees and wildlife to thrive.

More details on the campaign and resources to help you can be found on the PlantLife website

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