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Climate Emergency Declaration

As of June 2019, Lowestoft Town Council has declared a Climate Emergency, entailing that the Town Council is actively looking at ways to reduce our environmental footprint. With this goal in mind, the Council has formed a Climate Emergency Committee to look at ways to help reduce the climate impact, carbon footprint and to provide environmental benefits to Lowestoft.


As part of the Climate Emergency declaration, the Town Council are regarding the following actions:

1. Exploring and researching measures to better climate impacts and optimise beneficial natural environments

2. Recommend responses on any significant policy consultations directly affecting Lowestoft

3. Consider climate emergency action by local groups which might assist the Council's climate emergency activities

4. Looking at means of assessing measures of current performance to establish the level of success of the Council's policy

5. Ensuring suitable risk management is in place to safeguard against adverse environmental impacts from Town Council activities or on Town Council assets

6. Ensuring items no longer used by the Councils are appropriately disposed of

7. Developing the Neighbourhood Plan taking account of the climate emergency

8. Contract arrangements include appropriate environmental measures and safeguards

9. Water and energy use is as efficient and environmentally friendly as is reasonably possible and using renewable energy sources where possible

10. Supporting alternatives to car use including walking, cycling, and public transport

11. Encouraging the use of land for nature including increasing tree cover

12. How best to support its declaration of carbon neutrality

As well as looking at the Climate Emergency, Lowestoft Town Council has put in place a Sustainability Strategy.