Your Lowestoft Memories

Working with Poetry People to capture people’s memories of the Town Hall and local industries to inspire a new video poem by Dean Parkin.

Contributions for the poem were gathered both online and in-person. The Town Hall Project team, Liz Ballard and Jess Johnston captured many memories ‘Mooring’ the Lowestoft Memories Tricycle ­­– produced by local company Scenic Projects Ltd and designed to look like a fishing smack ­– at heritage and community events last autumn to catch conversations and distribute evocative postcards prompting written responses. Contributions have also been gathered via Facebook posts featuring archive photographs, and via a one-day exhibition last November at the Parcels Office at Lowestoft Railway Station which featured photos from the Jack Rose Collection, curated by Dean Parkin in collaboration with the Town Hall Project team.

'All in a Day's Work' is a short film offering an imaginative combination of poetry, animation, interview extracts and modern and archive footage.