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Town Hall Project - Heritage Engagement Coordinator

27 May 2022

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Town HallFancy spending 9 months on the sunshine coast, where the sun rises first in the Uk? Lowestoft is undergoing an exciting cultural regeneration, and this is your chance to play a part in helping to breathe new life into a key building on the historic high street.

Lowestoft Town Council is looking for an experienced Heritage Engagement Coordinator to deliver and oversee the development phase pilot engagement activities for the Lowestoft Town Hall project. 

The Town Hall project will transform the Town Hall into a multifunctioning building that will be in the heart of Lowestoft and the Harbour Ward.  The Grade II Town Hall will become a heritage hub, with adjacent gallery/exhibition space/arts and crafts spaces and hot desking for creative enterprises. The building will also become an events venue and office for the Town Council. Lowestoft Town Council has been awarded a development grant from National Lottery Heritage Fund to progress its plans to a delivery stage application. The project is also supported by the Architectural Heritage Fund, Historic England and Towns Fund.

The freelance consultant will deliver and oversee the development phase pilot activity programme that will demonstrate our capacity to engage with a diverse cross-section of the community, including harder-to-reach groups, and will also test out our collaborations with partners, in order to support a National Lottery Heritage Fund delivery phase bid.

The Heritage Engagement Coordinator will be involved with the development project over a period of 9 months, with an estimated start date at the end of June 2022. (Date to be agreed on appointment, there may be some flexibility for a later start date) It is envisaged that the Heritage Engagement Coordinator will work an average of 18hrs a week for 37 weeks betweenJune 2022 and 31March 2023.  Time allocation may change month by month as project demands fluctuate, and weekend working will be required at certain times

The fee is capped at £23,520 including all expenses. This is based on an hourly rate of £35ph at 18hrs a week.

Closing date midnight Monday 6th June

For further information and how to apply please please email admin@lowestofttowncouncil.gov.uk