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Press Release - Locally Important Medals Secured for Lowestoft by the Town Council

1 March 2019

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Press Release

Locally important medals have been secured for Lowestoft by Lowestoft Town Council. The Town Council rarely purchases any artefacts and has a modest budget for this purpose. However, the auction of a pair of ‘Lowestoft Air Raids’ medals from the Second World, was a unique opportunity. What makes the medals special is that they were awarded in 1941 to Miss Dorothy A D Dallimer, Telephone Supervisor, Lowestoft Post Office, for her courage and devotion to duty in maintaining an efficient telephone service throughout the air raids during periods of constant danger.

The first issue medal to Miss Dorothy Ann Daphne Dallimer is a British Empire Medal (Civil) G VI R on a lady’s bow riband and was sold in a slightly damaged card box of issue. The second issue to Miss Dorothy Anne D Dallimer BEM has the surname partially corrected and was sold in the card box of issue, extremely fine.

At a time when the achievements and contributions of women to society are being particularly highlighted, it is timely that Lowestoft Town Council has acquired these medals to ensure they are accessible locally. Arrangements are in hand to ensure their safe delivery and display at the Council’s office at Hamilton House, Battery Green Road.  

Understandably, the medals attracted considerable interest but were secured by the Town Council for a total price, including fees, of less than £2000.

The Town Council is currently developing an Acquisitions and Disposal Policy to ensure it can deal appropriately with gifts of artefacts from members of the public and organisations. The Town Council recognises that some items are important to the Town but it must make pragmatic decisions about which gifts to accept and which purchases to make, given the long-term responsibility for careful guardianship of such items. In practice, it is likely that few items will be accepted as so significant to Lowestoft that the Council will take them as gifts and items at auction will rarely be purchased.

Contact details for the Town Council: Shona Bendix (Clerk) admin@lowestofttowncouncil.uk

Tel: 0330 053 6019 www.lowestofttowncouncil.gov.uk