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New disabled access installed at Links Road Car Park

10 March 2023

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A new disabled access has been installed at the Links Road Car Park to give direct access to the sea wall.  This follows extensive work by Anglian Water to protect infrastructure at the site from coastal erosion. Three critical sewer pipes which run through Gunton Warren Nature Reserve were at risk because of the erosion, and have been relocated by the water company to protect customers’ wastewater service and prevent pollution in the North Sea.

The Links Road car park had been closed whilst Anglian Water used the site for their compound as work took place on moving the town’s sewer network.  As part of the agreement between Anglian Water and Lowestoft Town Council for use of the site, improvement works were carried out on the car park, including a new disabled access.

Speaking on the project at Links Road, Rebecca Shaw, Project Manager for Anglian Water said ‘We took the opportunity to make improvements to the car park, working alongside the Town Council, while we were in the area working on a vital project which saw infrastructure moved inland to protect the town’s sewer network. We've installed a new disabled access at North Beach car park and we hope residents will feel the benefits of this.’

Cllr Butler said, “On behalf of Lowestoft Town Council, may grateful thanks be offered to Anglian Water for their generous provision of a disabled access from Links Road car park, through the inner parapet of the seawall, onto the promenade.  The issue arose from a simple comment from a member of the public that no direct access, disabled or indeed pedestrian, existed onto the popular promenade.  Having occupied the car park as a construction site for diversion of the main sewers, Anglian Water’s construction team kindly offered to cut an opening through a section of damaged parapet, thus saving the cost of a repair, as a beneficial gesture to the local community.  Thanks are also due to East Suffolk Council (Coastal Management Team) for their assistance and approval of the design.  Since completion, there have been several appreciative comments from members of the public for such a simple yet so effective asset for the people of Lowestoft.”

The car park remains free to use and it is hoped that the new access will allow more people to enjoy the North Lowestoft promenade.

Links Road Disabled Access Sign

The new sign at Links Road Car Park showing the disabled access which was kindly installed by Anglian Water

The new disabled access at Links Road Car Park with people standing for a photo

Lowestoft Town Councillors, Anglian Water representatives and members of the public weere at the opening of the new disabled access