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Lowestoft Neighbourhood Development Plan Consultation

31 October 2023

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Neighbourhood Plan LogoA six-week public consultation on the Lowestoft Neighbourhood Development Plan is being launched today (Monday 30th October 2023).

Following the previous consultation period that took place in early 2023, new policies have been added to the Neighbourhood Development Plan, alongside some further amendments to the existing policies.  Amongst the three new policies are two covering South Lowestoft, particularly the London Road South area and the South Lowestoft Conservation Area.  For this round of consultation, the Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group are particularly interested in hearing from residents and businesses within the Kirkley area on these new policies.

These new policies were influenced by comments made by local people and stakeholders, with over 200 individual comments and suggestions reviewed after the consultation had ended.  The changes reflect the continued importance that local residents, businesses and stakeholders have had on the development of this Plan.

Neighbourhood Development Plans are a powerful tool which is backed and informed by local debate and support.  The plan aims to shape the future development and growth of Lowestoft by making a direct contribution to the planning decision-making process whilst also striving to protect our unique heritage and green spaces.

This public consultation, known as the Regulation 14 Consultation, is part of the process of developing the plan before it comes forward for a public referendum.  Residents are encouraged to read the plan and submit any comments on the proposed policies into the Town Council by the 11th December 2023.  The comment submission form is available to download from the Town Council website, with hard copies available on request by contacting the Town Council offices by calling 0330 053 6019 or by writing to the Town Council at Lowestoft Neighbourhood Development Plan (LNDP), c/o Lowestoft Town Council, Hamilton House, Battery Green Road, Lowestoft, NR32 1DE.

Draft Lowestoft Neighbourhood Development Plan

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