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HODs 2019

16 September 2019

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HOD 2019

This last weekend saw the start of Lowestoft Heritage Open Days. The Lowestoft Town Hall was open to the public on Saturday and Sunday and by all accounts was a smashing success. Visitors and citizens of Lowestoft had the opportunity to see displays of local history, learn more about the Town Hall, and see for themselves what a valuable asset this wonderful old building can be for the community.

Visitor numbers were up about 10% over last year at 547, which visitors coming in from all over.  The Town Hall had visitors from as far away as Australia and a visitor from Scotland who came to Lowestoft specifically for Heritage Open Days. On Friday Heritage England for a private presentation of new research into the Heritage Action Zone are that was attended by the national director of Historic England, Sir Laurie Magnus.  

The Mayor, Alice Taylor, wishes to give special thanks to Councillors Susan Barnard, Colin Butler, Alan Green, Graham Parker, John Pitts and David Youngman for their brilliant work at the Town Hall meeting, greeting and guiding for the entire weekend. It’s community spirit like this that makes it possible for a place like the Town Hall to participate in Heritage Open Days and is truly fits in with this year’s Heritage Open Day’s theme of “People Power”.

Even though the Town Hall is no longer open, HOD is still going on this week and through next weekend, so please take some time to visit the many other FREE sites and events in town.