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"Guava" crew remembered as part of 1953 North Sea Flood Commemorations

31 January 2023

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On the morning of Tuesday 31st January 2023 a new memorial plaque to commemorate the Lowestoft Trawler "Guava" and it's eleven-strong crew was unveiled.

A large number of people, including surviving family members of the crew, gathered on the South Pier to commemorate the lives lost during the 1953 North Sea Floods.

The plaque remembers by name the eleven crew members who lost their lives on the night of 31st January/1st February with nine of the crew coming from Lowestoft, one from Gorleston and one from Great Yarmouth.

You can find out more about the 1953 Floods at exhibitions taking place at The Grit: Lowestoft Centre for the Arts & Heritage this week.


Changes since the 1953 North Sea Floods

Since the 1953 North Sea Floods, a number of changes have come about to help forecast and warn people of severe weather.  Thank you to the Environment Agency for supplying these facts.

  • Flood forecasts have since been introduced, including the use of tide, wave and weather data, meaning businesses and emergency responders were now better prepared. 
  • We also have much longer lead forecasting than in 1953, allowing us to prepare well in advance. 
  • In 1953 there was no flood warning system. Now, over 1.6 million people are signed up to receive flood warnings, giving them vital time to prepare.
  • New flood defenses have been built as a direct result of the 1953 Floods.  This includes London's famous Thames Barrier.

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