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Damage to Public Conveniences

21 June 2021

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--Status Update, 30 June 2021--
At Kensington Gardens, ongoing works include deep cleans to the Gents facilities and the 24hr/disabled facilities, as well as replacement of fittings, toilet paper holders and other repairs are scheduled in due course. The Gents facilities are now re-open. However, the disabled facilities and Ladies facilities are still temporarily closed while ongoing work is carried out to repair various breakages, essential carpentry work to doors and deep cleaning from the blaze. The Pakefield Street toilets are once again open with reduced capacity in the Ladies facilities while final repairs are carried out.
The Town Council appreciates the community's patience while these essential repairs are completed.

Over the weekend, vandalism to Kensington Gardens and Pakefield Street public conveniences occurred, these toilets have been temporarily closed until further notice. Further to this the Jubilee North public conveniences, which are maintained by East Suffolk Council, are also temporarily closed due to the amount of damage that was inflicted over the weekend.

The repairs and cleaning of these facilities will be carried out at a suitable time, the difficulty and often-unpleasant work of our contractors in cleaning these sites and dealing with these incidents are a great loss of time and resources.