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Climate Emergency and CoP26

5 November 2021

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The CoP26 summit in Glasgow has brought hope that the world will unite to address climate change. The impacts of climate change are already being felt with stark warnings of what will follow if we do not act. The world no longer has a choice.

The Town Council first declared a Climate Emergency in June 2019. Making change is not easy but it is essential. We owe a duty to the existing population and the future of their children. We will continue boldly to face the challenge of rethinking open spaces in urban settings and updating old buildings and energy supplies.


Some of the actions we have already taken on our land and buildings include:

  • Defining our ambitious actions and appointing specialists to assist us with assessing and addressing our carbon footprint 
  • Introducing more bulbs and plants into our open spaces and parks
  • Managing the new park, The Ness, as an important habitat with more coastal planting to come
  • Making our administration near-paperless and with reduced mileage
  • Committing to re-wild some areas (partnering with Wild East)
  • Committing to considerable tree planting (partnering with the Woodland Trust)
  • Supporting Friends Groups and volunteers to enhance our special open spaces and parks
  • Doing what we can to manage contamination and pollution on our land
  • Increasing litter management to help prevent pollution


This is just the beginning and a sample of our current actions.


However, it is not all about what your local council can do. Everyone needs to play their part in making a difference to protecting and enhancing our environment. We will provide more information on how to access support and develop your own ideas for actions you can take individually.  As a first step, why not calculate your own climate footprint using this tool



Provide your ideas to us admin@lowestofttowncouncil.gov.uk