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Civic Artefacts Statement

16 December 2022

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The Community Governance Review of 2017 which lead to the formation of a new council for Lowestoft stated that civic artefacts, memorabilia and other items donated to, or purchased on behalf of, the town of Lowestoft and its residents would be transferred to the new Lowestoft Town Council.

These items have been in long-term storage and a detailed programme of inspection and audit has been completed.  We are pleased to confirm that the full list of items, as included the legal framework for the transfer to the Town Council has been identified with very few relatively low value exceptions, including a small rug with Polish emblem, a book entitled 'Education Civique (a guide to Plaisir)', a small wooden cased thermometer, a coat of arms painted with the motto 'Point Du Jour', a watercolour of a moored sailing boat, a royal lifeboat citation and a pennant which says 'Borough of Lowestoft'.  The Town Council will not be pursuing these items further due to the low valuation figure recorded on these items in 2017.  However, the Town Council is keen to hear if anyone knows the whereabouts of a silver two handled cup on a shaped plinth which was engraved with the inscription ‘Lowestoft Drama Festival Comedy’ which is approximately 18 cm in height and has not yet been accounted for.  Perhaps this was awarded to a local drama club or theatre group?   

The long term plan for these civic artefacts is that selected paintings and items of historic interest will be displayed in a renovated Town Hall where they will be available for all to view and enjoy.