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Census 2021

18 February 2021

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Census 2021 is taking place on 21 March 2021 - by filling in your census, you will help shape your community for the next 10 years. Census 2021 will give information to improve the overall understanding of the pandemic. It will also help to make sure that the services you use meet the needs of our changing society, this could include hospitals, schools, universities and job centres.

Census 2021 is a digital-first census, which means that you will be encouraged to respond online if possible using any device to complete the census. If you need help, there will be an online help area on the Census website, as well as offering help by phone, webchat, email, social media or text message. Importantly, law protects your census information. 

To find out more and/or to download helpful resources, these are available on the Census website, or see below the following helpful documents for your knowledge: 

Community Handbook 

Data Security Handout 

Census 2021 1