Lowestoft Maritime Museum

The Lowestoft Maritime Museum can be found within Sparrows Nest, focused on the history of the fishing industry within Lowestoft. The museum is a wealth of information relating to Lowestoft, the demise of the fishing industry and the ship building industry. It is located a short walk away from historical landmark, the net drying racks and Ness Point, the UK’s most easterly point. 

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Lowestoft Museum

The Lowestoft Museum houses the Lowestoft Collection, a porcelain collection that was made in the Lowestoft Porcelain Factory in the 18th Century. The Lowestoft Museum can be found in the picturesque Nicholas Everitts Park in Oulton Broad. Close by the The Broads, brimming with nature and located in the heart of Oulton Broad. 

lowestoft museum

Lowestoft War Memorial Museum

The Lowestoft War Memorial Museum is located within the World War Two headquarters of the Royal Naval Patrol Service in Sparrows Nest. The museum is focused on the people who served during the World Wars.

Lowestoft War Memorial Museum

Lowestoft Royal Naval Patrol Service

The RNPS Museum is also located in Sparrows Nest, and focuses on the Navy during World War Two.

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